Effective and durable: Insulation made of soft and hard felts

Hard-felt cylinder
Hard-felt cylinder

Carbon-fiber insulation by Graphite Materials is the optimum solution for your heating chamber. The plate elements made of hard and soft felts are used for the thermal insulation of rectangular or multiangular cylindrical furnace chambers. Thanks to their positive material properties and ingenious connection and fastening system, they offer particularly effective insulation and are extremely durable. In the case of round, particularly horizontal chambers, one-part insulation cylinders made of hard felt are state of the art.

Graphite Materials continues to drive forward the already impressive thermal insulation of its products. Graphite foils between individual layers of felt and enhanced felt technologies are used to continue to improve the properties of these products. The mechanical processing of the front sides with inserted cylinder elements ensures gastight connections for pressure-sintering systems.  The positive feedback from our customers confirms our approach and motivates Graphite Materials to continue to pursue new developments.

We offer carbon-fiber insulation in common diameters (dia 1,200/1,050 millimeters in different lengths) and special sizes (dia 1,600/1,400 x 2,000 millimeters).


  • Rectangular chamber
  • Insulation panels
  • Soft-felt cylinders
  • Hard-felt cylinders


System solutions for high-temperature applications


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