Steel cage with integrated insulation
Steel cage with integrated insulation

Heating chamber servicing

Graphite Materials offers customer-oriented solutions for renovating heating chambers. These can be installed in vacuum and inert-gas furnaces (heat treatment, soldering, surface carburizing) or ceramic sintering furnaces (silicon carbide or silicon nitride) from all well-known manufacturers.

Insulation wears out, heater elements break, heating chambers become distorted. Often just when your customer is in urgent need of the product. Graphite Materials provides quick and straightforward assistance and gets your furnace up and running again. Generally within eight days.

Our maintenance services:

  • Collection/delivery of the heating chamber
  • Dismantling of the old insulation
  • Disposal of the old insulation and other defective parts
  • Cleaning of the heating chamber
  • Repairs to the cage and add-on parts (adjustment, welding, etc.)
  • Reconstruction of the heating chamber lining
  • Application of surface protection (CFC, graphite foil, graphite coating)
  • Installation of edge protection (U-profiles made of CFC)
  • Replacement of worn parts (ceramics, molybdenum, etc.)
  • Assembly of various add-on parts (current bridges, heating rods, connector pins, batch carriers, etc.)
  • Mounting of third-party components
  • Adjustment of door and cooling flaps
  • Partial disaster recovery

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