Refurbished furnace chamber with interior fittings
Refurbished furnace chamber with interior fittings

Energy-saving insulation

Graphite Materials brings together science and practical application. In the field of energy efficiency in particular, we cooperate closely with universities and research institutes. In this way, we create innovative developments for energy-saving insulation concepts.

For example, we have recently achieved reproducible success with extremely effective insulation cylinders (for round furnace chambers) and plate insulation (for rectangular furnace chambers). Both types of insulation are used in pressure sintering facilities, as well as in HIP, soldering and heat-treatment systems.

Our optimization and engineering services:

  • Technical consultation for carbon-fiber furnace installations (focusing on: energy efficiency and service life)
  • Assessment of material reactions in production processes between carbon/graphite and other materials
  • Design and production of graphite and CFC heating systems according to mechanical and thermal requirements
  • FEM simulation and calculation for mechanical and thermal load cases

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