Employees as well as external parties who wish to report a violation of the compliance guidelines,
can contact our confidential whistleblower system.

Why have we introduced the complaints procedure as part of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) and the Whistleblower Protection Act?

It is important that companies such as Graphite Materials GmbH establish clear mechanisms to identify and address possible violations of human rights or environmental standards. The ability to receive complaints from both employees and external parties is an important step in creating an open and transparent environment.

The digital platform for complaints offers a modern and user-friendly way to raise concerns, including the option to submit them anonymously. Once a complaint is received, all relevant information is thoroughly analysed and an appropriate response is provided within a reasonable timeframe. This can take up to 6 months.

Your involvement is vital and we guarantee that no one will suffer any detriment as a result of making a professional complaint. Following a defined process as set out in the procedure and ensuring impartiality and confidentiality are other important aspects of ensuring that complaints are dealt with fairly and confidentially.

Would you like to report an offence? Please click here: