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Graphite Materials is your reliable partner when things start to hot up. With fresh ideas and diverse production possibilities, we offer effective solutions for your high-temperature application. Ranging from individual parts to small and large-scale manufacture.
Take a look at the various components that Graphite Materials produces. Manufacture is always in line with customer wishes and requirements. For this reason, this overview only shows a part of what we do.

Are you in need of a product for your company? Get in touch with us! You tell us how far to go.

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Roland Weeske
Phone: +49 911 999 01 03-43
Fax: +49 911 999 01 03-50

Our products include:

CFC fixtures

CFC fixture with workpiece



Components for CVD systems

Heating chamber servicing


Furnace components

Charging plates

Graphite electrodes

CFC cylinders

Heating systems


Gas-flow control systems

Fastening elements

Fastening elements

Ceramic coatings

Edge and surface protection

Edge- and surface protection

Furnace Tracker

Furnace Tracker_2

Graphite crucibles

Graphite glue

What matters to us…

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