Ceramic coatings

Effective, innovative, durable: Ceramic coatings

Increase the chemical, physical and thermal application range of your components with ceramic coatings by Graphite Materials. Various materials engineering methods can be used to apply effective coatings to products made of graphite, CFC and insulation felt. With CFC surfaces at temperatures of more than 1.000 °C, ceramic coatings prevent, for example, the diffusion of carbon through joint contact surfaces between metal components.

Two is Better: DuComGrid®

DuComGrid, an innovation by Graphite Materials, is particularly effective. It is used for the partial coating of defined component areas. Thanks to its amazing properties, DuComGrid has been very well received by many of our customers.

You control the process – we supply the system

Thanks to the inventiveness of our employees, our hands-on expertise and our modern technical equipment we were able so far to fulfill each individual customer request. Talk to us!

Graphite Materials manufactures components as single parts or system solutions for your process.

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