Edge and surface protection

Long-lasting edge and surface protection

Durable surface protection: Graphite Coating

Durable surface protection: Graphite Coating

Protect your components made of soft and hard felt against chemical and mechanical attack – with coatings by Graphite Materials. Tiny water or alcohol-based graphite particles are processed to create a spreadable and sprayable suspension. The solid content is about 25 percent.


Graphite coatings can be applied quickly and easily. This makes them ideal for ensuring the temporary functionality of defective furnace insulation until the next service. Units from 500 grams are available from stock from Graphite Materials. They are supplied together with comprehensive application instructions, as well as a datasheet.

Surface protection: Graphite Coating

  • Coating (based on alcohol)
  • Coating (based on water)


Edge and surface protection foil roll

Graphite foil: Graphite with high flexibility

Natural graphite flakes are expanded by a thermal process into flakes and then rolled into foils in thicknesses of about 0.2 to 2 mm and width up to 1500 mm or pressed into sheets and special shapes. This form of graphite is free of binders and especially pure. The surface is smooth and characterized by a high degree of reflection. The material can be easily punched and cut and processed in tight radii. In air,is resistant to oxidation up to 400 ° C and impermeable to gases and liquids.


The purity of the graphite ensures an extraordinarily high chemical resistance. We process foils and sheets in thicknesses from 0.2 to 2 mm and widths up to 1500 mm. For our customers in the sealing industry, we stock the most common dimensions in our own warehouse.


Edge and surface protection U-profile

Edge protection (U and L profiles made of CFC)

Sintering processes release chemical compounds that vaporize at different temperatures and condense again. Contact reactions with the insulation and the graphite and CFC components in your system are unavoidable. U and L profiles made of CFC have proven effective in protecting surfaces against chemical and mechanical loads.

Edge and surface protection Flexshield

Surface protection made of flexible CFC

Special CFC fabric provides high rigidity and optimum surface protection.

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