Charging plates and spacer

Safe, precise, durable: Stable layer for your products

Charging plates_with V-grooves

You control the process – we supply the system. True to this motto, Graphite Materials has been manufacturing high-quality products for powder metallurgy shaping for many years. With our system solutions, you benefit from all the advantages of the sintering process for semi-finished and finished parts.

Technical edge thanks to Graphite Materials charging plates

Position your metal and ceramic components for high-temperature treatment on charging plates from Graphite Materials. Predefined surface geometries stabilize the product layer and minimize shape deviations. In addition, posts can be used to stack the plates or the sheets. This provides greater process efficiency.

Unsintered components are very fragile. So Graphite Materials recommends you use precisely manufactured support plates with near-net-shape profiles and the finest tolerances.

Components made by Graphite Materials

  • Baseplates

  • Vee panels

  • Posts

  • Pyramid panels


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