Our values

What matters to us…


The focus is on: you

We are only satisfied when you are. That’s why we take time for your concerns. We listen carefully to what you have to say and, based on what we hear, we put together fair offers. We then deliver the right, high-quality solution for you within the agreed time.

Openness and respect

When working with customers, colleagues and suppliers, we are respectful, considerate and professional. We uphold an open atmosphere in which the best ideas are implemented. After all, solutions are more important than hierarchies.

Man and machine

We value the high motivation of our employees and continue to invest in their training. Together, we continuously strive to improve in order to overcome future challenges. We also keep our modern machinery up to date.

Transparency and responsibility

Every employee is always aware of current production planning and machine utilization – documentation provides transparency. We have developed our production management on the basis of the Toyota Lean Principle and aligned it with ISO 9001. So every employee knows what has to be done within his/her own area of responsibility. This independent initiative optimizes processes, reduces errors and increases efficiency.

Nature and resources

In order to protect the environment, we endeavor to use as few resources as possible. We avoid waste and recycle valuable materials. For example, in logistics, we use recyclable packaging.

Strong roots and local links

Graphite Materials is deeply rooted in the Nuremberg region. We create jobs and apprenticeships here. With the motto, “assuming responsibility and opening up perspectives”, we support clubs and social organizations in our region.


Dr.-Ing. Rolf Terjung

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