Our values

What matters to us…


The focus is on: you

Our partners and customers should feel what drives us with every contact. Our goal is to satisfy our clients. With enthusiasm and knowledge, we offer custom-made system solutions for the highest demands. Reliable and safe. This is our mission.

We have a vision

Our vision shows us where we want to be in the future. In 2028 we will be at the forefront of the market if everyone uses their particular strengths. Together we can work concentrated on this success. We always keep our goal in mind: Graphite Materials as the brand for intelligent carbon solutions.

Our behavioural culture underlies our success

Our behavioural culture consists of values that we take seriously. When working with customers, colleagues and suppliers, we are respectful, considerate and professional. This behaviour makes us powerful and attractive both externally and internally. We uphold an open atmosphere in which the best ideas are implemented. After all, solutions are more important than hierarchies.

The sensitivity for nature is important to us

We know that industrial production consumes resources. That is why we work every day to find even better solutions to keep this consumption as low as possible.

We invest in a comprehensive environmental management system, which continuously monitors the effects of our actions. If any problems occur, we take immediate action. In this way, we reduce waste and preserve reusable materials.

Transparency – everyone knows about internal processes

Every employee is always aware of current production planning and machine utilization. We have developed our production management on the basis of the Toyota Lean Principle and aligned it with ISO 9001. In this way, we optimize processes, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

We show social commitment

Graphite Materials is deeply rooted in the Nuremberg region. We create jobs and apprenticeships here. With the motto, “assuming responsibility and opening up perspectives” we support clubs and social organizations in our region.

Our environment enables high quality services

We value the high motivation of our employees and continue to invest in their training. We also keep our modern machinery up to date. We continuously strive to improve in order to overcome future challenges.

Dr.-Ing. Rolf Terjung

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