Carbon-fiber insulation made of soft and hard felts

Effective and durable: Insulation made of soft and hard felts

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Insulation cylinders for greater efficiency:

Optimize your heat treatment and save energy and costs. Insulation cylinders from Graphite Materials are the ideal solution for effective heating chambers. We have more than 20 years’ practical experience with insulation cylinders. We manufacture felt insulation for pressure- sintering plants, gas-quenching and vacuum furnaces. We cooperate with the innovative Japanese company KUREHA, which develops extremely high-quality and energy-saving felt.

Simulation for maximum quality

Graphite Materials continues to work on improving its products. As part of a scientific research project, we have thus developed a method for evaluating the outgassing behavior of insulation cylinders. In addition, Graphite Materials simulates thermal application cases during manufacture. This makes insulation cylinders calculable. The results are supplemented by actual energy consumption values from practical experience. This enables the continuous improvement of the materials used and provides the basis for the right insulation cylinders for your operation.


Quick assistance with defects

In the event of an unexpected operational malfunction,Graphite Materials provides quick and straightforward assistance. As we always hold the basic modules for our insulations in stock, we can produce a replacement for a damaged insulation cylinder within a very short time. Whether you need a complete cylinder or an individual segment: Graphite Materials delivers every part ready to assemble. With its many years of experience and understanding of your processes, Graphite Materials is your expert for insulation cylinders. We operate throughout the eurozone and score points with our expertise and efficient processes.

Precise flexibility thanks to modular construction

Insulation cylinders from Graphite Materials have a modular design. The basic modules are available in four standard sizes and we machine them to meet your requirements. They are then assembled and/or bonded. This modular concept enables maximum flexibility and customized concepts. Any length is possible. Outer diameters range from dia 400 to 2000 millimeters. Each individual module is manufactured with modern CNC-controlled machines. This enables the maximum reproducibility of the insulation properties.


For rectangular or polygonal heating chambers, one-piece insulation made of hard or soft felt plates are state of the art (see Tab Hard- and Soft felt plates)

Extreme durability and effectiveness

Carbon-fiber insulation by Graphite Materials is the optimum solution for your heating chamber. The plate elements made of hard and soft felts are used for the thermal insulation of rectangular or multiangular cylindrical furnace chambers. Thanks to their positive material properties and ingenious connection and fastening system, they offer particularly effective insulation and are extremely durable.

Technical advantage through continuous development

Graphite Materials continues to drive forward the already impressive thermal insulation of its products. Graphite foils between individual layers of felt and enhanced felt technologies are used to continue to improve the properties of these products. The mechanical processing of the front sides with inserted cylinder elements ensures gastight connections for pressure-sintering systems. The positive feedback from our customers confirms our approach and motivates Graphite Materials to continue to pursue new developments.

We offer carbon-fiber insulation in common diameters (dia 1,200/1,050 millimeters in different lengths) and special sizes (dia 1,600/1,400 x 2,000 millimeters).

In the case of round, particularly horizontal chambers, one-part insulation cylinders made of hard felt are state of the art. (see Tab Insulation cylinder).

Advantages of our insulation cylinders for your manufacture:

Uniform furnace temperature thanks to reflective graphite foils

Maximum purity and optimum material properties

Surfaces and ends of the insulation cylinders have optimum protection

Extremely rigid insulation thanks to special CFC fabric

Bonded joints for impermeable and robust connections between the elements of the insulation cylinders

Extremely tight tolerances for the impermeable and aligned transitions of the ends of the insulation cylinders

Protection against element penetration and thus break-up due to sealed front


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