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Graphite Materials – The brand for smart carbon solutions

From individual components to system solutions – with smart graphite and CFC components, we raise industrial high-temperature processes to carbon level and ensure maximum value creation in a strategic manufacturing area.

Comfort temperature 850°C – 3,000°C

Graphite Materials is a developer and manufacturer of carbon components for high-temperature processes and furnaces. By using the high-tech materials graphite and CFC, we enable optimum benefit/price ratios for industrial manufacturing processes in the temperature range from 850 to 3,000°C.

Passion for graphite – for more than 20 years

Dr.-Ing. Rolf Terjung gave the starting signal for Graphite Materials in 2000. Since then, everything in Oberasbach near Nuremberg has revolved around specialty graphite and its versatile applications in industry. In the meantime, Graphite Materials stands firmly on the pillars of materials engineering, design and production.

Everything from a single source

With more than 20 years of experience, we can draw on extensive know-how regarding our successful element carbon and apply this knowledge in a targeted manner within the framework of customized design and production. Graphite Materials thus uniquely combines materials technology with solutions expertise. We call this combination of carbon knowledge and smart engineering Carboneering®.

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Graphite Materials offers you:

  • Processing and manufacture: components made of graphite, CFC, hard and soft felts
  • Project support from the idea to the finished component: materials engineering, design and manufacture
  • Simulation: mechanical and thermal analyses (FEM)
  • Furnace insulation: soft and hard felt insulation, sandwich components and cylinder designs
  • Servicing of heating chambers with spare parts service
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Graphite Materials recognizes the tremendous potential of the element carbon. And enthusiastically gets it into shape.

It’s up to you to decide what shape this will be. We are driven by your individual needs. These give us direction and point the way to the best solution for you with maximum benefit for your application.

Each of our employees is totally committed to this. From the initial idea to the finished component. From the dimensionally- stable CFC fixtures to the customized heating system. From piece production to large-scale manufacture.
Quality in every fiber.

This begins with the use of materials that have undergone exhaustive testing, includes a precise design and culminates in effective manufacture according to the highest quality standards. Everything under one roof – everything from one stop. Always listening to you and taking your requirements into account. True to our guiding principle: we are only satisfied when you are. This is the standard by which we are measured.

Kind regards, Dr.-Ing. Rolf Terjung

Dr.-Ing. Rolf Terjung, CEO