Components for CVD systems

Robust, Reliable, Efficient: High-tech finishes for your products.

Apply a CVD coating to make your products more robust and durable. Graphite Materials provides high-quality components for your coating system. These are made of graphite, insulation felts and CFC.

What is CVD?

CVD stands for “chemical vapor deposition”. This is an effective process for coating components via a thermally induced chemical reaction.

Technical edge thanks to CVD

CVD coatings offer outstanding adhesion, even under extreme operating conditions. This results in homogeneous components without weak spots. Create a technical edge with a CVD coating and improve the quality of your products. Graphite Materials produces high-quality, customized components for your coating system. We rely on tried-and-tested graphite, CFC and insulation materials that we process with precision.

Why CFC for the CVD coating?

Space costs money. Also in CVD coating. This is why Graphite Materials offers you extremely slim workpiece fixtures made of CFC. They are less than half the thickness of graphite plates and yet carry the same weight of components.

Increase your added value with Graphite Materials and act sustainably.

For example, a four-millimeter-thick CFC plate has the same load-bearing capacity as a ten-millimeter-thick graphite plate. So you can increase the number of charging levels in your system and coat many more components in a process cycle. The advantage of CFC rings and plates over graphite is that they can also be de-coated, re-used and re-coated. This saves material, energy and, in turn, also costs.

Advantages of CFC rings and plates for the coating:

Increase your added value with each coating cycle with Graphite Materials

Act sustainably. Save resources (material, energy)

Lower costs for operating resources

Minimizes the risk of flaking

Our CVD components have high dimensional stability

Our CVD components have a high load capacity


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