Environmental protection means more

Sustainability is more than just a catchword

Verpackung Papier PappeLike all industrial manufacturers, Graphite Materials also consumes resources. These include electricity, water and packaging materials. In order to minimize their use as much as possible, we invest in a comprehensive environmental management system – and so achieve optimum results for both man and nature. In September 2017, we were certified in accordance with the new requirements of the internationally recognized standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

Resources under control

As part of our environmental management system, Graphite Materials continues to document the impact of our actions on the environment. If any problems occur, we take immediate action. In this way, we save resources, reduce waste and preserve reusable materials. Our employees make this a personal concern.

Recyclable packaging

Graphite Materials transports its components in recyclable packaging materials. These include corn packing chips, paper buffering material and filling made from recycled card. Polystyrene has been reduced to a minimum. We deliver fragile components in protective wooden boxes. This spares the environment – and saves time and nerves when unpacking.

Sustainability is apparent in the materials used, efficient processes and manufactured or traded products. We set high standards and have developed our own environmental management system based on LEAN principles.

Further measures currently include:

  • Light sensors for our lighting system

  • Energy-saving, ceiling-mounted radiant heaters as hall heating system

  • Use of process heat and thus reduction in consumption of natural gas

  • 100 percent use of green energy

  • Advising customers on energy-saving measures with vacuum and inert-gas furnaces

You want to know it exactly? Take a look at our environmental guidelines.


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