Refurbished heating chamber with interior fittings
Refurbished heating chamber with interior fittings

Optimization and engineering for minimum energy losses

With Graphite Materials, you increase the service life and energy efficiency of your industrial furnace. You cut operating costs in the long-term and reduce the risk of production losses and harmful emissions. Important influencing factors include the insulation of the heating chamber, as well as the design of the heating system.

Graphite Materials advises you on installing the insulation, as well as on the materials used and finds customized solutions for your applications. We test and document, for example, the resistance of the heating elements manufactured by us. On the basis of these results, we achieve constant temperatures and an optimum energy flow in your industrial furnace. To continue to optimize our engineering services, we work on scientific projects in close collaboration with universities and research institutes.

Our optimization and engineering services:

  • Technical consultation for carbon-fiber furnace insulation (focusing on: energy efficiency and service life)
  • Assessment of reactions in production processes between carbon/graphite and other materials
  • Design and production of graphite and CFC heating systems in accordance with mechanical and thermal requirements
  • FEM simulation and calculation for mechanical and thermal load cases

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