How collecting deposits turned into something great:

Over the past few weeks, our employees from production have collected a lot of money from deposit proceeds for a good cause: The “Wünschewagen” (Wish Wagon) 🚐✨

The Wünschewagen is organised by ASB, short for Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, and enables people to have one last wish fulfilled at the end of their lives.

To travel to their favourite place one last time or to attend their grandchildren’s wedding: The Wünschewagen makes such last wishes come true.

The Wünschewagen is financed exclusively by donations. And so that we can support even more Wünschewagen journeys, Graphite Materials has rounded up the amount already collected to a whole €3,000.

We would like to thank ASB for their great work and unwavering commitment. A really great campaign with a lot of heart ♥️