Lightweight, stable, durable: CFC fixtures

CFC fixtures by Graphite Materials
CFC fixtures by Graphite Materials

CFC fixtures by Graphite Materials withstand heat of up to 1,300 °C, tremendous temperature fluctuations and a high weight load and still stay “in shape”. This makes them the ideal workpiece fixture for use in heat treatment, for example, when hardening metallic components.

The material used is CFC (carbon fiber carbon composite) and was first used in space flight. In the last 15 years, thanks to its outstanding material properties (dimensionally stable, robust, durable, lightweight), it has become firmly established in heat treatment.

Graphite Materials offers CFC fixtures (also known as CFC racks) for numerous application areas that are constantly extended thanks to modern design programs. For example, heavy-duty racks for forming tools with a weight of up to five tons. For particularly hot applications, Graphite Materials relies on its innovative DuComGrid, combining two or more different materials for your carrier system. Operating temperatures of more than 1,300 °C are possible.


  • Plates
  • Connection systems
  • Stackable multi-layer systems
  • Shaft charging


System solutions for high-temperature applications


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